The simultaneous use of digital computers and radiofrequency devices has allowed the creation of branched structures able to automatically transfer the communication from a radio base to the adjacent ones.
These structures are able to maintain the radio link even for long distances, for long periods of time and in environments frequently hostile to the propagation of the signal towards conventional transmission bases (radio links and radio bases).
As in all electronic applications, these apparatuses also require to operate electric power and it is often convenient to use the same physical supports both for communication signals and for electricity.

Our company is able to propose solutions for the local and remote supply of radiofrequency equipment.
From the energy station, complete with electrochemical accumulators, up to the power supply on coaxial cable or on the local network.
Our experience allows us to choose the most suitable technology for each application.


– Power supply systems for cellular communications repeaters – Maurizio Da Ros, Gianpiero Marchetti, Leandro Zucconi

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