ADR contracts for continuity systems

One of the main reasons why a continuity system is purchased is that of guaranteeing the correct functioning of its systems even in the presence of bad conditions of the conventional electricity grid. It is then expected that the purchased system, whether it be in direct current or in alternating current, will correctly perform its function for a long period of life normally exceeding 10 years. Given these premises, is it not acceptable not to provide for a proper maintenance of such an important system? And who, better than the manufacturer, can know the characteristics, performance and maintenance needs of machines designed by it? For these reasons, DRTecnologie has set up a preventive, corrective and extraordinary maintenance service (P-C-S) that is developed on four packages, adapted to the most disparate needs of cost and performance.

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Guaranteed spare parts

By stipulating an ADR maintenance contract, DRTecnologie guarantees the supply of original spare parts or, in the case of components no longer available on the market, equivalent parts verified in compatibility. Some services also include the supply of spare parts that are classified according to homogeneous categories.

Increased quality services

Quality of electricity

After many years from the installation of the continuity system can change both the needs of the system and the performance of the main source of electricity. DRTecnologie has all the detection instruments, both short and long term, necessary to obtain the following answers.

  • Presence of anomalies on the line by monitoring at least 30 days (micro-interruptions, overvoltages, long-term instability)
  • Presence of anomalies in earth potentials through short and long-term monitoring
  • Instantaneous overloads in the system, not foreseen by the original project.

Regulatory adjustment

The use of UPSs aged over ten / fifteen is often a source of doubt as to the adequacy of the system served to the latest standards and directives. Although the adjustment of machinery to the most recent rules is not generally required, some laws require, for the purposes of personnel safety, an adjustment of the electrical system involving the use of uninterruptible power supplies and power generators. DRTecnologie is able to carry out all the measures, analyzes and elaborations necessary to give certain answers to these problems.

Adjustment of accumulator batteries

Even in the accumulators sector, technological evolution has allowed us to have more compact products with reduced maintenance requirements. It should however be kept in mind that the useful life of the most modern accumulators is considerably lower than that of an industrial continuity system. The need therefore arises to adapt the continuity system to the new accumulator models; DRTecnologie is able to perform both the adjustment of the UPS only and the supply and installation of the new accumulator battery.

Remote monitoring

In particular cases, where the presence of personnel on the system is not foreseen, DRTecnologie is able to install on any machine of its own construction, monitoring equipment connected to remote stations through GSM phone. By appropriately configuring the monitoring system, all analog and digital quantities of the continuity system can be measured at a distance of thousands of kilometers at the cost of a telephone call.

Temporary assistance

In case you need assistance for the repair or maintenance of equipment of our construction, you can contact the following contacts.

  • Mail: DR Tecnologie Srl – 20096 Limito (MI) – Italy
  • Fax: +39-02.926.6024 – Attention: Assistance Service
  • Email:

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