Static indicators

Knowing the status of a system, an electric network or a locomotive is essential to ensure continuity and safety of the service. Static indicators, analog or digital, include the following products.

  • Direct and alternate voltage relay
  • Direct and alternate current relay
  • Ground and insulation relay
  • Phase and inverse sequence relay
  • Digital programmable sensor and relay

The series develops with the following characteristics.

  • Voltage: 24-48-115-144-230-400 Vcc e Vca 
  • Signalling: local and remote with voltage free contacts
  • Measuring lines: from 1 to 8

The series includes the following products.

RJF-AOne-phase alternate current insulation relayRJF1040E
RJF-TThree-phases alternate current insulation relayRJF1040E
RJF-CTwo-poles direct current insulation relayRJF1040E
RJF-VSix sources DC or AC voltage control boardRJF1040E
RJF-RSeven insulation relays rack containerRJF1040E
RVF-AOne-phase alternate current voltage relayRVF1040E
RVF-COne-pole direct current voltage relayRVF1040E
RVF-TThree-phases alternate current voltage relayRVF1040E
RVF-SInverse sequence alternate current relayRVF1040E
MDS-0XProgramable 8 analog input / 8 digital input controllerMDS0406E
MDR-01Alternate current RMS/DC converterMDS0406E
MDL-01Class 2 digital insulatorMDS0406E
MDA-01Direct current ground fault detectorMDS0406E
MDB-01Differential analog voltage insulatorMDS0406E
MDI-01I2C communication insulatorMDS0406E
MDC-01RS-485 communication insulatorMDS0406E

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