Who we are

The company was founded in 1956 by Mr. Domenico Da Ros, who started the business to devote himself to the design and construction of equipment for the conversion of electrical energy.
At that time were used, as elements for power controlling, different magnetic components. Were produced, first in Italy, automatic regulators for alternators completely static, built with magnetic amplifiers and selenium rectifiers.

The subsequent introduction in the early ’60s, of high current silicon diodes, enabled him to build, again first in Italy, rectifiers battery charger (110 V – 500 A) static and fully automatic.

The availability on the market, in the second half of the decade, of power controlled diodes and power transistors, allowed to develop complex static conversion systems from continuous current to alternating current, previously achievable only with the use of rotating machinery.

Over the years the evolution of power semiconductor components, in addition to highly sophisticated magnetic components designed and produced in total autonomy, allowed us to develop energy converters with switching frequencies next to the radio frequency (200 kHz), thereby reducing the volumes of the apparatuses up to specific power higher than 200 W / dm3.

Since 1991 the company took the present name in DR Tecnologie srl

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