Elettrificazione Feb 2001 02-EDRTecnologie was established more than 60 years ago to design, manufacture and market  products to measure , process and convert electrical energy in low and medium voltage.

Technological evolution of high power electronic components and magnetic ones, allowed to process and transform electrical energy into all of its parameters.

From alternating current to direct current through static rectifier.
From direct current to alternating current by bipolar switches or field effect transistors.
From direct current to direct current using both technologies.

The measurement and verification of input and output parameters also enabled the development of sophisticated techniques for acquisition and processing of electrical values with a focus on the direct and alternate current measure  in both low and high frequency.

The need to ensure safety, even under adverse conditions, for persons and machinery, has provided us with the expertise to develop components constantly verified by the most renowned certification bodies.

Constant attention to the true quality of our products is summarized in our motto:
When electricity means safety, there we are

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