Spare parts

Our archives keep the technical documentation of equipment and systems built for more than 35 years.
As a supplier of equipment integrated into more complex systems and built by the major engineering and plant engineering companies in Europe, we are able to supply replacement parts for power supply and electricity conversion systems installed by the following companies.

Main contractors

  • ABB Energy Automation
  • ABB Solution
  • Ansaldo
  • Alstom
  • Elsag Bailey
  • Hartmann & Braun
  • SIE Forney
  • FIAT Turbogas (Gas Turbine Technology)
  • Philips Automation – S&I
  • Tecnimont
  • Technipetrol
  • OMV
  • Agip Libya
  • etc.

Our Technical Office requires, for a correct identification of spare parts, the following information.

Key informations

  • Historical names of the companies that own the plant
  • Name of the manufacturer of the system in which our apparatus is installed
  • Type of apparatus (ex: Power supply, Converter, Inverter, etc.)
  • Serial number
  • Drawing number
  • Bill of materials number
  • Type of problem encountered
  • Type and drawing index of the piece requested

The requests, complete with the key information listed, can be sent to the following addresses

Send requests

  • mail: DR Tecnologie Srl – 20096 Limito (MI) – Italy
  • Fax: +39-02.926.6024 – Attenzione: Servizio Assistenza Ricambi
  • Email:

The material search service is free, so that any missing, partly or completely missing requests for key information will not be taken into consideration.

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