GSM networks Decouplers with reinforced insulation DBS113H

On February 12th, the validation tests of the new DBS113H decoupler with reinforced isolation of 18 kV peak and 8.3 kV at 50 Hz as prescribed by the EN50124-1 Standard to figure B.1 were completed.

By using the new “Split-Balun” technology, it has been possible to comply with the normative requirements indicated without changing the external dimensions of the DBS113 decoupler already produced in more than 5,000 units. In particular, they are respected:

  • Surface discharge (creepage) distance exceeding 25 mm/kV
  • Air discharge distance above 25 mm
  • Pollution degree higher than PD3A

The new technology, object of updating of the patents in course, allows to improve the lightning resistance of the radiofrequency devices for which they are placed to protect.
The levels imposed by the IS728-All.1, already respected by the “parent” component DBS113, for the protection against the fall of the 3 kV contact line are largely exceeded.
For the 25 kVca (TAV) lines, the DBV023 model is still valid.

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